Oceanographic Studies

A EMGEPRON is capable to develop and manage sea researches and environmental projects, in compliance with international quality standards. The success and the experience gained in Continental Shelf Researches,
Environmental Survey, Underwater Acoustics Studies and Artificial Reefs Creation assure the know-how and high quality level of EMGEPRON´s services, also offers services
in Meteorology, Hidrography, Marine Geology and Geophisics, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, and Environmental Monitoring.

Oceanographic and Environmental Sciences
- Environmental Actions Accomplishment
- Environmental Monitoring
- Underwater Acoustics
- Hidrocarbons sampling and analysis to determine the types and the origin of the pollutants

Aids to Navigation
- Projects, implementation, inspection and maintenance of navigation aid systems

Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey
- Multibeam bathymetric data acquisition and processing - up to 1000m
- Marine seismic data acquisition and processing
- Planning and inspection of dredge projects

- Nautical chart production in digital and analogic media
- Meteorological and oceanographic predictions and information
- GIS development and implementation