SUPPRESSOR is the first autonomous multi-purpose surface vessel made with national technology in the Brazilian and Latin American defense market. The SUPPRESSOR Project was developed by EMGEPRON in partnership with TIDEWISE, a Brazilian startup that develops, integrates and operates autonomous naval systems. It provides technological innovation to complex maritime activities carried out at sea, reducing costs and human exposure to risks, as well as compatibility with the most modern sensors on the market and the integrated use of drones.

SUPPRESSOR offers strategic mobility, whether by land, sea or air, optimizing logistical and operational costs, providing versatility, permanence and resilience in stressful or high risk maritime operational environments. Additionally, it provides greater operational economic viability and environmental sustainability.

Its platform presents an important dual aspect, of civil or military use, as it can be configured to serve the defense market, for mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare, naval patrol or reconnaissance (ISR), but also civil activities public security, such as surveillance in river or coastal areas of high risk, in addition to monitoring offshore assets, hydrographic surveys and oceanographic research, including in the polar region.

To this end, aiming to meet the diverse needs of its customers, the Project offers two product lines, the SUPPRESSOR 7 and the SUPPRESSOR 11, which can have their configurations established according to their respective demands.



Length: 7 m
Breadth: 2.5 m
Maximum speed: 24 knots
Scan speed: 5-6 knots
Displacement: 5 ton
Propulsion: 2 shaftlines with conventional propellers
Above-water sensors: Navigation radar, 3D LIDAR, PTZ camera
below-water sensors: hull multibeam sonar


Length: 11 m
Breadth: 2.95 m
Maximum speed: >35 knots
Scan speed: 6-8 knots
Displacement: 8 ton
Propulsion: 2 waterjets engines
Above-water sensors: Navigation radar, 3D LIDAR, PTZ camera
below-water sensors: hull multibeam sonar


Hydrographic survey
Environmental monitoring
Oceanographic research
Offshore Asset Inspection
Mine Warfare
Anti-submarine warfare
Naval Patrol
Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance - ISR

The first deliveries of the Suppressor are scheduled for the beginning of 2026. That is why EMGEPRON is preparing a pre-reservation list, which will allow adequate planning and full compliance with the requirements requested by each customer. Each Suppressor will ship with fully customized configurations. By making a “pre-booking”, your organization will not commit to any guarantees or commitments.

Based on the list, in the first half of 2024, Emgepron will open conversations with interested parties to identify their needs.