A high speed craft with low draught, designed for fast patrol missions, achieving points situated as far as 200 miles from its Base. Having a planing hull in naval aluminum, optimized in accordance with requirements for hydrodynamic efficiency, it is excellent for military operations like landing of troops on rivers and beaches. It is also adequate for civil applications, such as support to off-shore installations, in ports surveillance, fishing control, waterpollution fighting due environment accidents, and as maritime ambulance. A powerful Diesel engine propulsion system develops elevated torque to produce fast acceleration.

Length: 7.55 m
Beam: 2.30 m
Depth: 1.00 m
Draught: 0.60 m
Displacement: 3.0 tons
Maximum speed: 35 Knots
Engine:  Diesel - 190 to 200 HP
Hull material: aluminium
Range at 25 Knots: 400 miles
Crew: 14