The MARLIM class Patrol Boat was developed as an answer to the Brazilian Navy requirements for naval police operations. The boat is constructed in aluminium and was designed for patrolling of harbours and coastal areas. A removable light machine gun 7.62 mm was mounted on the bow, but the boat´s structure and stability allow the installation of a fixed 20 mm machine gun. With two V-drive propulsion units, each one powered by a 1000 bhp MTU diesel engine, the boat can reach 25 knots maximum speed with excellent sea-keeping, being capable to navigate in heavy seas with high speed. Due to the V-drive system, all engines compartments are positioned astern, permiting a continuous and spacious arrangement for accommodations. The detection and communication systems are suitable to undertake actions against illegal fishing, drug traffic and smuggler activities. Alternatively, it can also perform emergency rescue operations.

Length: 22.8 m
Beam: 5.50 m
Depth: 2.74 m
Draft amidships: 1.06 m
Maximum speed: 25 Knots
Displacement: 47 ton
Engine: 2x 1.000 BHP
Hull material: aluminium