“Keel Laying” of the Polar Ship has the presence of EMGEPRON

The ceremony, traditionally called “Keel Laying”, which marks the ship construction process, will begin the materialization of the project for the future Polar Ship “Almirante Saldanha”.

The event will take place on October 17th at the Jurong Aracruz Shipyard (EJA) in the city of Aracruz-ES and will be attended by the Commander of the Navy, Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen, the Director-President and the Coordinator of Strategic Programs of EMGEPRON, in addition to members of the Admiralty, representatives of the maritime community and governments at the federal, state and municipal levels.

The construction of the ship, managed by EMGEPRON, in partnership with the Special Purpose Society (SPE) Polar 1 Naval Construction, is part of the Program for Obtaining Hydroceanographic and Antarctic Support Resources (PROHIDRO) of the Brazilian Navy (MB).

The project envisages obtaining a naval asset to logistically support the Brazilian Antarctic Program (PROANTAR), which aims to promote diversified research, in addition to contributing to the safety of navigation in the Antarctic region.

It is estimated that 500 to 600 direct jobs will be created, in addition to 6,000 indirect jobs.

In addition, the project seeks to contribute to the development of the national naval industry and technological base.

The use of the vessel will enable the expansion of the operational research area and will contribute to increasing partnerships with other countries that have bases on the Antarctic continent.

Delivery of the ship is scheduled for the second half of 2025.


The ceremony was broadcasted on the MB YouTube channel (Brazilian Navy - Youtube).




The Naval Project Management Company (EMGEPRON) will present an autonomous vessel project during Operation MINEX-2023, which will take place from October 23rd to 27th.

Com o intuito de promover a atividade de controle interno no âmbito do Ministério da Defesa (MD), no dia 04 de outubro foi realizada, em Brasília-DF, a quinta edição do Simpósio Conjunto de Controle Interno do MD.

No mês de setembro (26), a EMGEPRON realizou uma apresentação às forças de Defesa da Guiana.