EMGEPRON presents USV SUPPRESSOR project in MINEX-2023 operation

The Naval Project Management Company (EMGEPRON) will present an autonomous vessel project during Operation MINEX-2023, which will take place from October 23rd to 27th. The operation will be conducted by the Command of the 2nd Naval District, with the support of the Mine Warfare Assessment and Training Group (GAAGueM), based in Salvador (BA), when the actual launch of inert underwater mines will take place in the Navy's exercise area. of Brazil (MB).

During the Exercise, the capabilities proposed by the USV SUPPRESSOR PROJECT (USV refers to the acronym in English for unmanned surface vessel), developed by EMGEPRON, in partnership with TIDEWISE, a Brazilian startup that develops, integrates and operates autonomous systems. The SUPPRESSOR X will be used for the demonstration, which employs the platform widely tested in the oil and gas market, the USV Tupan from TIDEWISE, configured for mine warfare.

The USV SUPPRESSOR On occasion, it will also be configured with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

Such configurations aim to demonstrate the capabilities of searching, locating and identifying underwater targets, such as the Exercise's naval mines, in remote and autonomous navigation modes. In addition, stand-off (remote) control and monitoring capabilities will also be presented, with continuous persistence and remote situational awareness, whether via radio or satellite.

The USV SUPPRESSOR project is the first in the Brazilian and Latin American defense market with the purpose of carrying out the construction of autonomous multi-purpose surface vessels in the country. It will provide technological innovation to the operational capacity in complex activities at sea, with reduced costs and human exposure to risks, as in the Mine War.



The ceremony, traditionally called “Keel Laying”, which marks the ship construction process, will begin the materialization of the project for the future Polar Ship “Almirante Saldanha”.

Com o intuito de promover a atividade de controle interno no âmbito do Ministério da Defesa (MD), no dia 04 de outubro foi realizada, em Brasília-DF, a quinta edição do Simpósio Conjunto de Controle Interno do MD.

No mês de setembro (26), a EMGEPRON realizou uma apresentação às forças de Defesa da Guiana.