Commander of Naval Operations and Delegation of Aspirants visit facilities of the Tamandaré Class Frigates Program in Itajaí during Aspirantex / 2022

On January 20, in the morning, as part of Operation “ASPIRANTEX/2022”, the Commander of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen and entourage, accompanied by the Commander of the 5th Naval District, Vice Admiral Sílvio Luiz dos Santos , were present at the Administrative Support Office of the Tamandaré Class Frigates Program in Itajaí (EAAPFCTI), of EMGEPRON, as well as at the company's Inspection Office, located at ThyssenKrup Estaleiro Brasil Sul (tkEBS), where the four frigates for the Navy will be built do Brasil (MB), as provided for in the contract signed on March 4, 2020, between EMGEPRON and the Special Purpose Society Águas Azuis (SPE Águas Azuis).

During the visit to tkEBS, the Commander of Naval Operations watched a brief explanation given by the CEO of SPE Águas Azuis, Mr. Fernando de Almeida Queiroz and by the CEO of tkEBS, Mr. Paul Kempers, who presented the current stage of development of the period Mobilization of the shipyard for the construction of the Tamandaré Class Frigates. On the occasion, the delegation was introduced to the EMGEPRON inspection team, based in the company's office inside the shipyard, and toured the tkEBS facilities checking, "in loco", the progress of the activities that precede the construction of the first frigate, scheduled for start in September this year.

In the afternoon, the delegation of 113 Aspirants from the 1st year of the Naval School visited the tkEBS shipyard, who had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the grandeur and importance of the PFCT for MB and for the country.



On Friday (15/09), EMGEPRON ended its participation in the 22nd Defense and Security Equipment International - DSEI 2023, considered one of the largest and most important business fairs in the defense and security segments on the world stage.

A EMGEPRON, representada pelo Assessor de Governança, Conformidade e Integridade, CMG (RM1) Guimarães e pelo Assessor-Adjunto de Compliance e Integridade, Sr. Almir, participou da 2ª Edição do Prêmio da Rede de Governança Brasil (RGB) em Brasília.    A RG

EMGEPRON, represented by the Advisor on Governance, Compliance and Integrity, CMG (RM1) Guimarães and by the Assistant Advisor on Compliance and Integrity, Mr.

From November 20th to December 2nd, 2021, the technical meeting to evaluate the Preliminary Project of the Tamandaré Class Frigates took place at the Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems