CEO of EMGEPRON participates in the opening of the Atech office

On October 25, 2021, in Rio de Janeiro, the new office of Atech, a company of the Embraer Group, was inaugurated.

In the new space, various activities of the Tamandaré Class Frigate Program will be conducted, with emphasis on the integration and testing processes of the main systems of the new ships. Furthermore, enhance Atech's presence with customers in the region and accommodate the company's activities in a single location.

The event was attended by the General Director of Marine Material (DGMM), Admiral José Augusto Vieira da Cunha de Menezes; Admiral de Fleet llques Barbosa Junior; the CEO of EMGEPRON, Vice Admiral Edesio Teixeira Lima Junior; the President of the Special Commission for the Naval Industry, Offshore and Oil and Gas, State Deputy of Rio de Janeiro Célia Jordão; the CEO of Atech, Edson Carlos Mallaco; and the Business Director of Atech – Defense & Security, Giacomo Feres Staniscia.

At the inauguration, EMGEPRON's Chief Executive Officer, Vice Admiral Edesio Teixeira Lima Junior, highlighted the importance of the new Atech office: "The infrastructure designed here, which will also be mirrored in Brazilian Navy facilities when fully completed, will not only allow for technical-contractual inspection and the pari passu monitoring by EMGEPRON of the quality and compliance of the evolution of the software project, but, notably, it will enable a technological absorption with greater dimension and added value for the representatives of the Navy"



On January 20, in the morning, as part of Operation “ASPIRANTEX/2022”, the Commander of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen and entourage, accompanied by the Co

A EMGEPRON, representada pelo Assessor de Governança, Conformidade e Integridade, CMG (RM1) Guimarães e pelo Assessor-Adjunto de Compliance e Integridade, Sr. Almir, participou da 2ª Edição do Prêmio da Rede de Governança Brasil (RGB) em Brasília.    A RG

EMGEPRON, represented by the Advisor on Governance, Compliance and Integrity, CMG (RM1) Guimarães and by the Assistant Advisor on Compliance and Integrity, Mr.

From November 20th to December 2nd, 2021, the technical meeting to evaluate the Preliminary Project of the Tamandaré Class Frigates took place at the Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems