Antarctic Support Ship (NApAnt)

Projeto Navio De Apoio Antártico (NApAnt)

Aiming at the international insertion of Brazil, the National Defense Strategy (END) establishes as a strategic action the support of the Ministry of Defense (MD), of the other Ministries involved and of the Armed Forces to increase the Brazilian participation in the decision processes about the destination of the Antarctic continent.

Included in this action are the collection of hydrographic, oceanographic and meteorological data of interest to the safety of navigation in the Antarctic region, carried out by ships of the Brazilian Navy (MB), and the logistical support of these ships to the Antarctic Comandante Ferraz Station (EACF). Thus, it is necessary to acquire a new ship, classified as Antarctic Support Ship - NApAnt.

The NApAnt construction project, which will be managed by EMGEPRON, includes the acquisition of scientific equipment and systems, life cycle management plans and logistical support for the Brazilian Antarctic Program (Proantar). In addition, the ship must be built in a shipyard located in the country and with a minimum local content index of 45%, with the expectation of generating 500 to 600 direct jobs and more than 6,000 indirect jobs.