The Empresa Gerencial de Projetos Navais - EMGEPRON is a state owned company linked to the Ministry of Defence of Brazil through the Command of the Navy. Its activities embrace the vast technological spectrum that comprehends the projects of interest to the Brazilian Navy (BN). Besides rendering management services to such projects, contracted by the Brazilian Navy, EMGEPRON also provides commercialization of products and services made available by naval sector of the national defense industry. These include warships and military crafts (design, construction and modernization), naval repair, shipborne combat systems, artillery ammunition, oceanographic services, logistic support and personnel training, among other items.

EMGEPRON's main goals consist of:
- Promote the Brazilian Naval Military Industry;
- Manage projects that are part of programs approved by the Brazilian Navy (BN); and
- Promote and performing activities related to the procurement and maintenance of naval military material.