Purchasing Department

The BNC's Purchasing Department is responsible for:

Carry out management activities to obtain material, as well as those related to cargo traffic, making prior market research, in order to ensure the best price, quality and delivery and payment terms;

Manage the hiring of maintenance services in military employment equipment and other services contracted, according to the guidelines of the Contract Inspectors, such as:

  • port facilities and satellite signals aiming to attend the ships on commission abroad;
  • Cargo traffic; support for entourages abroad, including personnel and luggage transportation services, health insurance and medical insurance;
  • scientific-technological development in support of PROSUB and PNM, among others, when determined by the Senior Management; and
  • Manage bids and administrative agreements entered into by the Brazilian Navy in its areas of jurisdiction, as determined by Secretariat-General of the Brazilian Navy.


The BNC abides to the rules and regulations stated on Regulation GM-MD Nº 5.175 of December 15th, 2021, click here to obtain a copy.


Quotation Terms and Conditions


Purchase Order Terms and Conditions


For a copy of our quote response terms and conditions, click here.



For a copy of our Purchase Order terms and conditions, click here.


Federal Supply Classification

The BNC purchases spare parts from various FSC, click here for a list of CNBW most commonly purchases class codes.


Supplier Registration

CNBW is always seeking to expand its supplier base. Send the information of your company, area of operation and material by filling out our registration form.