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(link is external)default
(link sends e-mail)default
After a user account has been deleteddefault
After deleting a termDepois de apagar um termodefault
After deleting a vocabularydefault
After deleting contentApós apagar um conteúdodefault
After saving a new termdefault
After saving a new user accountdefault
After saving a new vocabularydefault
After saving new contentDepois de salvar um novo conteúdodefault
After updating an existing termdefault
After updating an existing user accountdefault
After updating an existing vocabularydefault
After updating existing contentdefault
Anything (parent of ul preferred). Example: Given <code>@code</code> you could use !usedefault
Anything. Example: Given <code>@code</code> you could use !usedefault
Be aware that some actions might initialize the theme system. After that, it's impossible for any module to change the used theme.default
Before saving a taxonomy termdefault
Before saving a user accountdefault
Before saving a vocabularydefault
Before saving contentdefault
Content is vieweddefault
Contextual filterdefault
Contextual filtersdefault
Controle de Sinaisdefault
Convert URLs into linksConverte URLs em linksdefault
Convert line breaks into HTML (i.e. <code>&lt;br&gt;</code> and <code>&lt;p&gt;</code>)Converte quebras de linha em HTML (ex. <code>&lt;br&gt;</code> e <code>&lt;p&gt;</code>)default
Correct faulty and chopped off HTMLCorrige HTML defeituoso e cortadodefault
Cron maintenance tasks are performeddefault
Dashboard (inactive)default
Dashboard (main)default
Dashboard (sidebar)default
Disable Lightbox iframe filterdefault
Display "Access Denied"default
Display a summarydefault
Display all results for the specified fielddefault
Display any HTML as plain textExibe qualquer HTML como texto purodefault
Display contents of "No results found"default
Drupal is initializingdefault
Executes a piece of PHP code. The usage of this filter should be restricted to administrators only!Executa um trecho código PHP. Esse filtro só deve ser usado por administradores!default
Faróis Do CAMRdefault
Filter criteriadefault
Filter criteriondefault
Footer first columnRodapé: Primeira colunadefault
Footer fourth columnRodapé: Quarta colunadefault
Footer second columnRodapé: Segunda colunadefault
Footer third columnRodapé: Terceira colunadefault
Google Nexus (codrops)default
Hide viewdefault
Image !current of !totaldefault
Image links with 'rel="lightbox"' in the &lt;a&gt; tag will appear in a Lightbox when clicked on.default
Image links with 'rel="lightshow"' in the &lt;a&gt; tag will appear in a Lightbox slideshow when clicked on.default
It's possible to show webpage content in the lightbox, using iframes. In this case the "rel" attribute should be set to "lightframe". However, users can do this without any filters to be enabled. To prevent users from adding iframes to the site in this manner, then please enable this option.default
Lightbox GD filterdefault
Lightbox filterdefault
Lightbox iframe filterdefault
Lightbox modal filterdefault
Lightbox slideshow filterdefault
Lightbox video filterdefault
Limit allowed HTML tagsLimita as tags HTML permitidasdefault
Links to HTML content with 'rel="lightframe"' in the &lt;a&gt; tag will appear in a Lightbox when clicked on.default
Links to inline or modal content with 'rel="lightmodal"' in the &lt;a&gt; tag will appear in a Lightbox when clicked on.default
Links to video content with 'rel="lightvideo"' in the &lt;a&gt; tag will appear in a Lightbox when clicked on.default
Log entrydefault
Main menuMenu principaldefault
Mean Menudefault
Menu principaldefault
Multi Level Push Menudefault
No results behaviordefault
Note that if drupal's page cache is enabled, this event won't be generated for pages served from cache.default
PHP evaluatorInterpretador PHPdefault
Page !current of !totaldefault
Parent of the @ul. Example: Given <code>@code</code> you would use !usedefault
Powered by <a href="@poweredby">Drupal</a>Desenvolvido com <a href="@poweredby">Drupal</a>default
Provide default valuedefault
ResponsiveMultiLevelMenu (codrops)default
Show "Page not found"default
Simple expandingdefault
Sort criteriadefault
Sort criteriondefault
System log entry is createddefault
The @ul. Example: Given <code>@code</code> you would use !usedefault
Top Bardefault
Turns g2_filter links into Lightbox2 appropriate linksdefault
User accountConta de usuáriodefault
User account page is vieweddefault
User has logged indefault
User has logged outdefault
User menudefault
Video !current of !totaldefault
View Image Detailsdefault
Web e Administraçãodefault
contextual filterdefault
contextual filtersdefault
created contentdefault
created termdefault
created vocabularydefault
deleted contentdefault
deleted termdefault
deleted userdefault
deleted vocabularydefault
filter criteriadefault
filter criteriondefault
logged in userdefault
logged out userdefault
no results behaviordefault
press !x to closedefault
registered userdefault
saved contentdefault
saved termdefault
saved userdefault
saved vocabularydefault
sort criteriadefault
sort criteriondefault
unchanged contentdefault
unchanged termdefault
unchanged userdefault
unchanged vocabularydefault
updated contentdefault
updated termdefault
updated userdefault
updated vocabularydefault
view modedefault
viewed contentdefault
viewed userdefault